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"Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University"

Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University. Education and Teaching

    Editor-in-Chief: Natalia F. Koriakovtseva, Dr. of Pedagogy (Dr.habil.), professor


      Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

    The journal Vestnik of Moscow State Linguistic University. Education and Teaching is registered in the International Centre and has an international standard serial number ISSN (2500-3488). Since June 10, 2016, the journal can be openly accessed from the journals website ( and from the platform with the data base of the Russian index of science citation (RSCI). The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed periodicals approved by the Higher State Commission for publishing the results of Ph.D. or doctorate (Dr.habil.) research.

    The journal publishes papers presenting results of original research on the following topics: current issues in linguistic didactics and methods of FL teaching; life-long linguistic education; psychological aspects of education; organization of educational activities for educational staff and cognitive activities for students; psychology and methods of languages and cultures acquisition; civil matters; education and law; commitments and obligations (promise of sale; lease commitments; obligation of carriage; insurance obligations); legal aspects of protection of people and territories in emergency situations.

    The journal is intended for scholars, academic staff, postgraduates, Ph.D. and Master students, interested in the topical issues of contemporary research in Russia. The editorial board is guided by the principles of openness and accessibility to both the authors and the readers.